Scholarship program

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We place arson dog teams in areas with the greatest need. Please review the following criteria to determine who’s eligible.

Class placement and arson dog training is only available to full-time, paid police or fire personnel.

Arson dogs are placed with departments or agencies that respond to a minimum of 50 structure fires a year. The structure fires your department responds to do not have to be identified as arson to be considered for the program.

When we review applications for scholarships, we consider the applicants’ proximity to other arson dog teams when deciding where to place a new team.

We do not place arson dog teams with volunteer fire departments or with private fire investigation firms.

Tips and information

Applications are reviewed annually in early September. Applicants will be notified of their status in early December.

It is not uncommon for applicants to be placed on an approved waiting list before being offered a class scholarship.

Combine information from surrounding jurisdictions to increase the fire load numbers if you’re applying for an arson dog that will investigate in multiple cities/counties/fire districts.

Applicants do not have to reapply each year but may be asked to provide updated fire load numbers if they have been on the approved waiting list for several years.

Applicants who are not chosen will have their applications kept on file. They will be considered as replacements if selected scholarship recipients are not able to attend.

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This application includes information about the program, scholarship and training. Please fill it out in its entirety – including information about the handler as well as the agency/department.