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Arson Dog Program

It takes a special canine to be an arson dog

The arson dog program is special to us because of how it uniquely helps others. As an insurer, we’re all too familiar with what it looks and feels like to lose your home to fire. When that happens because of an arsonist, closure is important. These dogs and their handlers help to deliver just that.

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We lose hundreds of lives and millions of dollars in property damage to arson each year. So, we provide funding and resources to law enforcement and fire investigators to train with an arson dog and help combat this crime.

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It takes a special canine to be an arson dog. The right balance of temperament, ability and energy is essential. Discover what makes these dogs stand out as they become local heroes.

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Expert dog trainer and pet behaviorist, Victoria Stilwell, takes you through the arson dog training experience in a 12-episode web series. Each episode grants you a greater understanding of the program.

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